Monday, December 31, 2007

Gr33nData: 2007 Blog Review

The year 2007 is almost over, so I think it's a good chance to refer to the good blog posts I wrote this year. Especially after deciding to continue writing non technical posts here instead of in Gr33nData.

Political Topics
My first political post this year was about Saddam Hussein's Execution and Sectarian Stupidity. Then I wrote a post about the Spanish Inquisition and Double Standards. In May 2007, Nicolas Sarkozy was elected as the president of France so I had to write a post about him. Later on I wrote about Egypt and if it's still a Regional Leader.

Socio-Technical Topics
Egyptian bloggers are obsessed with Tags, so I decided to write about Tags Etiquette, which I may not agree with now. Later on I added parts two and three to the "MSN Personal Messages" series. Then Facebook and social softwares inspired me to write about Social Vulnerability, and if the Blogging Hype is over. And in Ramadan I wrote two posts about Office Ethics, one about abusing the Internet connection at offices, and the other one about abusing company resources.

Global Voices Online
I also started to write for Global Voices Online, and my first post there was a review of the Egyptian Blogosphere in October.


Deb S. said...

You are a blogger who can write for multiple audiences. Not everyone can do that. I just discovered "Not Green Data." I will have to add it to my blogroll. I am glad that you are writing for Global Voices. Very good, my friend.

Tarek said...

Thanks Deb s.
I am glad you visited my new blog