Monday, October 24, 2011

Tunisian Elections Preliminary Results

Those are the main winners in the Tunisian elections. These numbers are based on results published from various offices final results will be tomorrow at 4:00 Tunisia local time. 
  • Ennahda (Ikhwan look-alike): 36%
  • Democratic Forum for Labour and Liberties (Ettakatol, Social Democratic, Mustapha Ben Jafar): 17%
  • Congress for the Republic (CPR, Centre-left Secular, Moncef Marzouki): 16%
  • Progressive Democratic Party (PDP, Secular Liberal, Ahmed Naguib Chebbi): 10%
Check Sonia El Sakka's (@SoniaElSakka) blog for more details,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Media Freedom - Four Years Later

I realized today that I've been writing for Global Voices Online for 4 years. My first post there was in October 2007 and it was a curation of many incidents that were taking place in Egypt at that moment. But what really grabbed my attention was that the first part of it was about Mubarak's regime banning a number of newspapers [Ar] for publishing - what they called then - false information about Mubarak's health. Now they say we had a revolution and Mubarak is gone, but do you think much have changed since then!? Just yesterday, the Egyptian TV host Yosry Foudy decided not to air his program for an undetermined period [Ar], as he was going to host Alaa Al-Aswany to comment on the Supreme Council of Armed Forces members' appearance on TV the previous day, however there were pressures on him and rumours say the TV channel was ordered to host a pro-SCAF journalist there too to represent their own point of view!
You think much have changed in those four years!?