Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Love Battery

A friend of mine wanted to have her own blog, but she was afraid that people may not like what she writes. So we had a deal to publish one of her posts here and see people's reaction on it.
"I read an article that says that love is caused by some brain signals which gives us this feeling.
And a scientist discovers that these signals have a life time of 3 years. After that your love battery will be empty, and they still can’t find a way to charge it again.
But that made me wonder is it always 3 years. I can believe that 3 years issue these days, but I don’t think that was it in the last century. If so, why we had a movie like The Seven Year Itch?
Was it 7 years before? If so what happened to our batteries. Why it keeps running out of time!?", Toomy

Friday, August 1, 2008

Messy Design

Is it only me, or do you also think that Facebook and Delicios' new design are messy and crowded!? Is it the new hype of Web2.0 sites to be ugly and messy!? Come on, adding as many links as you can in people's home page isn't always the best way to make their life easier!

I still appreciate Jaiku and Twitter's minimal design pattern. Google became my browser's home page instead of Yahoo, a long time ago, just because it's lighter and cleaner, and not because I believe that Google is a better search engine than Yahoo.

Just remember that sometimes less is really more, and more is a real mess.