Saturday, December 1, 2007

Elevators for Dummies

We all know those "For Dummies" series of instructional books, but you know, I guess they have to add "Elevators for Dummies" to this series. And trust me they will be sold like magic here in Egypt.

When you are in a certain floor, you can see two buttons with arrows on them, and I guess you all know that these buttons are used for calling the Elevator. But what people miss here, is that you have to press on arrow pointing upwards only if you are going upstairs, and the same thing for the one pointing downwards. A couple of days ago I was going to the 20th floor, when one of those idiots in the 8th floor pressed on both buttons, so the elevator stopped there. After he came in, he realized that it is going upwards, and guess what, he pressed on the stop button, the one used in emergency cases, in order to reset the elevator and go downstairs, as if he is the only one in there. Believe me, I was about to kill him then.

I also met two Khalijy guys in the elevator, who I think believe that there is a mind reader in there that can read your mind and takes you wherever you want to go without pressing on any buttons. When I pressed on the ground's floor button, I saw one of them telling the other, "Then we have to press on one of those buttons".

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