Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Golden Cage

Last week I went to my manager to sign a Vacation Form in order to travel with my friends for few days. My married colleagues gave me that envy look and kept telling me about how poor they are, they cannot travel with their friends any more and cannot even go out with them for a couple of hours. And you know, it's not only them, but almost all of my married friends keep ranting about the same stuff.

It's really normal to see married people here telling you how miserable they are ...
  • They cannot go out without their wives and even when they go to work they have to get back in time. They make you feel as if they live in cages, and their wives are the only ones who have the keys of those cages.
  • Whatever their salary is, their wives waste every penny of it. I never saw anyone who is satisfied with his salary. I am sure that Sawiris will tell me the same thing if I met him someday.
  • Their wives are jealous, and they cannot make any decisions in their loves because their wives are control freaks.
  • Their children are a real pain in the ass. They cannot sleep because they cry, they spend most of their lives at the clinic because their children are always sick.
I am really confused now, either marriage is real shit, but why do people get married if marriage is that bad. Or, people just like to say so, because ... hmmm ... may be it is funny just like old Arabic movies, or may be they are afraid that others may see them happy and envy them, or ... hmmm ... you know what, I really don't know the reason for this behaviour, and I wish you can tell me if you really know it.

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