Saturday, December 1, 2007

Annapolis Adieu

It's been more than 50 years, since the Israelis occupied Palestine. And during those long decades all the Arabs participated in different wars, negotiations, summits, and conferences. Everyday in the newspapers and on TV people keep talking about the Arab-Israeli conflict. But you know what, I prefer to call it Palestinian-, Syrian-, or even Lebanese-Israeli conflict instead.

Now a days there is a Peace Conference held in Annapolis in USA, and many Arab countries are participating in it. But let me ask you, why do countries such as Egypt, Saudi, or Jordan have to participate in such conference. Why are we supposed to care about the Palestinian-Israeli endless conflict. Let them manage their own business. In face, sometimes poking our noses all the time in this issue, may be one of the reasons that it was never solved. Let them try to fix it themselves and see what will happen. And let's concentrate on more useful issues instead of wasting our valuable time talking and talking and doing nothing.

I know, Israel is our enemy, it's a bastard country, and holds many negative world records. But I really don't care, let them go to hell. I don't want to love, or hate them. I don't want to buy anything from them, nor sell anything to them. And for sure, I don't want to waste my time negotiating with them. And for me listening to a boring song like Mireille Mathieu's Acropolis Adieu is more useful than watching the Arab and Israeli clowns performing in the International Circus of Annapolis.

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