Thursday, December 6, 2007

Facebook is Dying

I have many bloggers as friends on Facebook. Some of them I've never seen before and some others I hardly know. And every now and then I used to receive invitations to weird Facebook applications and, sometimes I forward the good ones to my "so called" friends. But one day I received the following message from one of those bloggers after sending him an invitation.
Sorry I had to remove you as a friend because you have spammed me with an application invitation.
To tell you the truth, I considered his message really rude, but since I hardly know him, I didn't care much. But you know, after logging to my Facebook account today and seeing bzillions of invitations to useless applications there, I realized that what he did was reasonable.

In fact, I've noticed that I don't login to Facebook frequently, as I used to do before. And the main reason is those continuous messages I receive everyday asking me to join a certain group or to donate my kidney to a poor child in Honduras. I also receive invitations to applications in order to find out my favourite colour and other to help people searching for needles in haystack and fighting zombies in football arenas. I am sure Facebook is going to die if they didn't get rid of this Spammy environment.

Update - 28 October 2008,

Ok, people behind facebook were smart enough and they have succeeded in lowering the applications signal to noise level. The filters, notifications categories, and the Facebook's new design which is ugly, but helped in putting the applications noise aside. One more thing I think they have to work on, is to prevent people from sending mass messages easily, especially events admins. Sometimes I receive an invitation to a certain event, and even before accepting the invitation, the event admins start spamming my inbox with their nonsense.

So finally, I can say that Facebook is not dying anymore.

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