Friday, October 10, 2008

Take your McCain & give me my SMSs

Dear Twitter,

I know you may think I am insane, or you may consider me a modern-age caveman. But you know what, I am not interested in the United States presidential elections news. I know it's not only you, it's you, Google, Yahoo, and the rest of the gang. You all are are haunting me with endless news about Obama and McCain - I've just Googled McCain's name now as I wasn't sure how to spell it.

May be it's not your fault anyway, may be it's just us in this part of the world who are not used to that thing called presidential elections. You know what, we are just smarter than you, we do not waste our time on money on such nonsense. And yet we had already experienced colored presidents, Turkish kings, Pharaohs, Arabs, Albanians, Romans, Persians, and even immortal humans ages before you. That's why having colored candidate or female one was really new and exciting topic for you to talk about, but for us it's nothing but boring news. We are smarter than you because your Republican Party's vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palins email was hacked, while we on the other knew that something like this may happen to us ages ago, so we decided not to have a vice president at all.

Also limiting your president to 4 or 8 years only is not fair to both of us. Come on, aren't you going to miss Mr. Bush. This guy is really funny, he makes me laugh anytime he appears on TV. He has his own spontaneous unintended sense of humor, and he even inspired your film makers to produce movies and cartoon characters like Lil' Bush. He's like a real Mr. Bean for god's sake. I really can't believe you are going to replace him with one of those boring guys.

I know you are busy now fixing your XMPP Gateway and some of your scalability issues. So I'll try to make it brief. Please from now on try not to bother me with those presidential elections news, and if you are really my friend, can you serve SMS's back to my country instead, this is what we care about more.

Best Regards.


Laura(southernxyl) said...

You think you're tired of it.

I can't WAIT for the election to be over. I'm voting for McCain. The polls tell me Obama is probably going to win. Whatever.

Approximately half my countrymen apparently think Obama will make a fine President. Unless I want to disrespect the judgment of my fellow Americans, I have to think an Obama presidency would be OK.

I don't know why this stuff has to drag out so LOOONNNGGGG. Dang, I'm sick of it. And every four years we get another chance to spend several months wringing our hands over the prospect of utter destruction and the end of life as we know it, if the wrong person (whose identity varies depending on who you ask) gets in there.

Unknown said...

Great post! You put it very well. I quite frankly couldn't care much either, but happily now it's done and we can all move on to more important things...

Unknown said...


You know what, I was shocked somehow to know that there are people out there who were going to vote - may be now they have already voted - to McCain.

In fact the media here, and even the media at your place made me thing that all the American people were going to vote to Obama. And I was sure that he was going to be the next president ages before the elections day.

And you know, I am very excited to know who do you think McCain whold have made a better president than Obama.

Unknown said...

Hi Chris.

Thanks for passing by, by the way let me guess, you are not American, right?

Anonymous said...


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