Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Great Wall of Egypt

It's getting more and more fishy everyday, the Newspapers are attacking what they call "The Dark World of the Internet", you may read Al-Ahram Newspaper's article here [Ar]. They are blaming the Egyptian people because they use the internet to ... ehm ... spread rumours, call for strikes, and post videos that may harm the Egyptian National Security!

You know what, I am getting more and more confident now, that the Governments next move will be filtering the Internet. I already had similar suspicions a long while ago, but now I am really afraid that they may start filtering the Internet here in Egypt very soon, they may block sites such as Facebook, because what's said that the April 6th General Strike was organized there. They may also block YouTube, and who knows what will they block next.

Seems that the Great Firewall of China is on its way to Egypt.