Monday, July 12, 2010

Will miss the World Cup, but ...

On contrary to most of the Egyptian journalists and many football fans here, I believe this World Cup was a very good one. It might not be the best, but it's still good. At least, no Brazil vs Germany in the final, no Asians what so ever. The Netherlands is one of my favourite teams along with most of the Spanish speaking teams. So, we've got a final between Spain and Holland, and two Spanish speakers in the semi-final. We've got a new name to be added to the list of World Cup winners this year, and it happens to be Spain with their attacking football and pleasant skills. We will sure miss the World Cup and hove to wait till 2014 for the next one, yet there are still some stuff that I won't miss, and I'm happy now because we are gonna get rid of them:

  • The Vuvuzela: It was fun and people kept making fun of it everywhere, but at the end of the tournament we've already had enough of it, and it started to get on our nerves.
  • The Waving Fag: Ok, I have no idea what that bastard was saying in the World Cup theme song, but it don't even care if it's a flag, fag or even vomit bag. It's just a silly song that gets on my nerves as much as the Vuvuzela.
  • The Qatari Hide and Seek: If you like me used to watch the World Cup on Al Jazeera Sports Channel, you sure have suffered of that stupid ad with a Qatari boy counting from one to infinity.

  • Twitter Fail Whale: Ok, the Fail Whale will sure keep on visiting us every now and then, even after the World Cup, but during the tournament it used to visit us even more frequently.
  • Bigger Belly: Ok, I have to admit that I am a lazy person, and the World Cup makes me even lazier. I used to stay at home, watch the matches, eat more, and work less.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

CNN - Credibility No No

This is not funny, we are running serious media business here in CNN, and yes we have strict rules here to protect our credibility. And those rule are pretty simple, they are even less than 140 characters long: "Never ever say you respect a Muslim cleric".

That's it!? Is this your only rule here?

Yes, sure! This is the golden rule here in media business. Forget about freedom of speech, and all such crap! No body cares!

I see, let me tell you something, you suck, you and your channel suck a big time my friend! And you know who sucks even more than you. It's Octavia Nasr herself, because she shouldn't have defended her self in a separate blog post here, she said that she respects Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah in one of her tweets, so what!? Why regret it!? Why even delete her tweet!? Many people over the world respect him, even the British Ambassador in Lebanon almost said the same thing here! You know what, you go fuck yourself and your credibility, you and your credibility are bollocks.

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