Friday, September 23, 2011

The K-Word

Today I received an email from Google AdSense telling me they are going to disable the ad serving to my Arabic blog because I am violating their rules. They also included the URL of one of my posts there saying that it contains adult or mature content, and that's including sexually explicit text.

Well, now let me clarify what content they didn't like for those who don't speak Arabic. The title of the post is an Arabic curse world that literally means The Pus... ehm, vag... ehm, okey let me put in a way that doesn't make them block this blog too, "The female reproductive system of the mother of Israel". But such curse word sometimes means "Screw'em", "Forget about them" or "I don't give a rat's shit about them". It's one of the most common curse words in the Arabic language, and just like the F-word in English, its meaning varies according to the context, yet it remains a curse word at the end of the day.

To cut a long story short, the implicit meaning of the post is, let's stop using Israel and its continuous crimes and bad deeds as an excuse for many of our own problems. For example, many Arab rulers apply emergency and martial laws and claim they are forced to apply them because of the presence of an enemy at their borders. Presidents like Bashar of Syria and Saddam of Iraq, murder their own people, then curse Israel every now and then in their speeches, and claims they are there to resist it, and that is enough for many Arabs to forget their crimes and forgive them. Some people can't - or their language doesn't - make a difference between Jewish people and Israel and they curse one while they mean the other, which is totally racist and nasty. And the list goes on.

Anyway, let me now get back to the main aim of the post. I am now wondering, are curse words considered adult or mature content!? Does this mean that no one can put Google Ads on his blog or site if he is going to use the F, C, or B words for example!? Or - although I hate conspiracy theories - is there a political reason behind this!? Because, in fact, there have been profanity in many posts of the same blog, and some of them are almost 5 years old, so isn't it strange that they realized now they want to remove this one!?

You know what, I don't care to know the reason, I even don't care about the AdSense money, it's just peanuts ... The female reproductive system of the mother of Google AdSense itself!