Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't be Passive. Always have a Bias

It's always easier to blame the two sides, and find it an excuse not to have a bias. And, trust me, you can easily find mistakes committed by the parties on both sides. But the truth is, your role is to support the right against the wrong, regardless of who is in each camp and what did they do.

For me, it is simple, Morsi is just as dictator as Mubarak. Well, the truth is, he is just a puppet, or let me use the Egyptian term here, he is a sheep in the herd, but anyway, he, his party and his group are the ones to be blamed here. They are the ones in power, seeing people dying and not doing any good. They are the ones who lied to people and are still lying.

So, blame El-Baradei or Hamdeen as much as you want, I too, have no problem blaming them if they happen to do anything wrong, but not now. Because what you are doing is just distracting me from the main issue. Just like those who kept on equating Mubarak to the Islamists participating in #Jan25 and asked me not to have a stance because of this. I didn't listen to those voices then, and I won't now, because I hate to be passive. Event if I am too far to do anything, I still have to have as stance.