Monday, June 7, 2010

Where does the "Aawra" start, and where does it end?

"Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public", Paulo Coelho

We usually blog about our own selves, friends, and relatives. But some other times we blog about our own society. This can either be in our own blogs, or by volunteering in other platforms such as Global Voices Online, were authors keep an eye wide open on what's going on in their own blogosphere, and some times they may even cover the blogospheres of countries they have never been to.

So, in such case, it's not only themselves who are getting naked, but it is a society as a whole. And this makes me wonder, should there be any limits on what we write. Should a novelist watch out what he writes, censor his own idea, and act like a baby sitter for his imaginations? Should bloggers be more positive and limit themselves to covering good matters only? But what is good, and what is bad? Isn't this some kind of hypocrisy? Aren't they gonna be liars and we should then call them clowns instead of bloggers?

Only a clown can draw a big smile on his sad face. Only an actor laughs when he is sad. And only a politician says what he doesn't believe in. And bloggers aren't supposed to be clowns, actors, or politicians. Or should they!?


Gabriela said...

Not clowns, nor actors, nor politicians. Just people who want to share sentiments, thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions, mishaps, adventures, good moments, sad moments, daily life episodes, etc.
In fact, just bloggers.

Tarek said...

Yeah sure, Gabi. But I am still wondering, should there be some topics that we'd rather hide or not focus on, or not?

Gracias por su visita Gabi.

Gabriela said...

Well, yes. Just as in real life there are some topics we avoid, I think the blogosphere should work in the same way.
De nada, Tarek.

Sina said...

I think that bogging is a personal space and the topics of the blog is determined by the writer. However, people shouldn't defame others and say it's free expression. I mean gossiping, helping in bringing somebody's mishaps out in the open,etc... should be avoided.

However as long as you're not hurting anybody, but sharing ideas and thoughts, then it's cool.

Tarek said...

Thanks Sina for passing by