Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gr33nData! What the heck does it mean!?

Well, since ... hmmm ... I can't remember since when ... but let's say since the Internet was invented and I am calling myself gr33ndata. My original blog, my twitter, flickr, and even this blog is called not gr33ndata. So what the heck does this weird name mean!?

I came out with this name, because you know, in old movies like Hackers and The Matrix, geeks and hackers used to use PC's with black background and green text on them. Black terminals with green text were so cool then, and that's why I chose the colour "Green". And then I added the data part to refer to, you know, since we were using the Internet, then we are supposed to be geeks, and the word "Data" looks like Information Technology and stuff.

And once more, the geek factor made me replace the letter 'e' in the handle to '3'. H4x0r jargon and nerdy stuff, right!?

And here we go, Gr33nData or gr33ndata was born.

Sometimes, I try to look smart and come out with other interpretations for the name, like Green is the Colour of Egypt, and Data refers to using IT in order to improve my country. Or may be nowadays, I can say that I'm using such handle to support Green IT initiatives. But you know, all of those interpretations are nonsense. Because when I came out with this handle none of them even crossed my mind. And you know what, I am not sure I like being called a geek after all these years. Yet, I just love this nickname, and I guess I'll continue using it for a while.


Gabriela said...

Thanks for the explanation.
I though the green was part of the ecological trend we are watching worldwide. Was I wrong, wasn't I?

Tarek said...

You're welcome Gabby. You may find me someday saying such ecological interpretation thing, but be sure then that I am just bluffing :)