Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup: Please Don't Take it Seriously

It's now football time, and everybody out there is watching the World Cup nowadays. And you sure have your favourite teams, and other teams that you don't like much. Me too, I have some teams that I support, and some other teams that I support anyone who plays against them.

For the sake of suspense, I will mention the names of the teams that I support later on. But for now, let me states some characteristics that define a large group of football teams all over the world.

  1. Consistent teams with no ups and downs in their levels.
  2. Players are very fit, fast, strong, and never get tired.
  3. They know when to commit many fouls in the midfield to kill the game if needed.
  4. They are serious, and just play to win, and they don't just play for fun.
  5. Most of them have more titles than most of their rivals.

So, all teams with the above characteristics are just the kind of teams I hate the most. My favourite teams are just the opposite. Come on, why should I care about the number of titles or how fit the players in a team are. I watch a football matches to enjoy them. They are like a movies. Should we really care about a movie's budget or if it's a best seller or not to enjoy it!? Nah. We just enjoy them when they are good. Teams that make fouls in the midfield to kill the game, and rely on their players' strength and fitness rather than skills are just like bad movies with huge budgets and buzz words in their names.

And that's why I support Argentina, Uruguay, Ghana, Nigeria, Netherlands sometimes, Denmark, Sweden, and Italy. And that's why I never support the likes of Germany, Brazil, Korea, Japan, etc.


P.S. Not really sure which category Italy belongs to, but I just like them, that's it.

P.S. People may argue that the Brazilian team plays for fun too, and have skills, etc. This might have been true in the 50 or 80. But since I started to watch football - in the nineties - and they have many of the above characteristics. For sure they have skills, magnificent skills, but this isn't enough to make me support them.

P.S. If you are Egyptian, you sure have guessed by now that I am a Zamalek fan too, and support any team that plays against El Ahly.

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