Sunday, November 29, 2009

Suicidal Mood

Sometimes I get into a certain mood, and I like to call it suicidal mood. In fact, it has nothing to do with committing suicide, but it is a mood where I have enough courage - and sometimes carelessness - to do stuff I normally don't do in my other moods.

It's the suicidal mood that lets me get rid of stuff I used to store at home, although I never use them. It's also the mood that let's me say something to some girl that I'd never say in my other moods. It also lets me make crazy decisions and take uncalculated risks.

The suicidal mood is like courage pills, it makes me ready to fight dragons with my bare hands. And the good news here is that I never regret what I've done during that mood, on the contrary, I like the insane actions I do then, may be because I myself am insane.

Just remember that you have to fight fire with fire, and life itself is crazy, so you have to fight it every now and then with craziness.


Unknown said...

Why don't you call that "just being yourself!", I believe this happens, when we finally think to break all the limits, that the society puts against us, and we do the thing that we really want to do, without caring what may come!

Unknown said...

You're right, it'd be much more fun if we live in a Suicidal Mood all the time.

But the suicidal mood is just like the guy who is afraid to cross the street, so he decides to close his eyes while crossing. It's not always the best option, especially when you can find pedestrian tunnels under that street.

Roon said...

Good point ... I like how it sounds ... but I know I won't get into such mood ... sometimes you feel like you want to do such things ... break the rules ... go to the extremes ... but you just can't ... I can't , I'm too afraid to do so ... even if I have to

Unknown said...

@Roon, try to give it a try sometimes, and see what will happen.