Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's not a Football match for God's Sake

During the early days of the internet, the Egyptians were surprised to know that people living in Europe and the US believe that we live in tents and travel by camels. I am sure that the internet has helped western people now to be more reasonable and they only need few strokes on their keyboards to know that we started using cars more then one hundred years ago, and that we have multi-thousands years old buildings.

Now, I believe that the BBC reporters are internet illiterates. Let's face it, those guys may not have enough money to travel to Egypt. They also may not be that fluent in Arabic. Yet, they would have better used their keyboards to know more about the ongoing tension between Egypt and Algeria. Then they would have known that people here are not mad because we lost the match, as they said on their website. People here are mad because the Algerian fans attacked them with stones, knives, and bottles after the match, and many Egyptians were wounded then. They are also mad because the Algerians have attacked many Egyptian companies based in Algeria.

Now it's time for "The Internet 101, BBC Special Edition".
There is a website called Yes, there are some other search engines like Bing but let's postpone this to our advanced lessons.
Now you can use Google to search for some keywords like "Egypt", "Algeria", and "Football". You'll then be able to find many Egyptian blogs and other sites which will help you understand what I am talking about.
Now remember, you have to keep practicing how to use Google till our next lesson.


Omar Ragi said...

Read again Mr. Smart. They mentioned the fury over the Sudan attacks

Unknown said...

Omar, the original headline was "Riot over Egypt football defeat". Seems that the BBC has realized the truth of what's going on later on.