Monday, December 31, 2007

Saddam vs Bhutto

Come on, I think I need to pay the shrink a visit. Saddam was a dictator who ruled Iraq after a coup, while Bhutto became the prime minister of Pakistan after democratic elections. Saddam killed thousands of people and was executed after being tried by an Iraqi court, while none of Bhutto's husband corruption charges were proved and then she was killed by a suicide bomber. Yet many people here are calling Saddam a martyr while they think Bhutto deserved to die because they accuse her of being an American puppet.

My historic and political knowledge are not that good, but for the love of God ... Saddam a martyr and Bhutto deserved to die!! Excuse me, I don't think so.


HafSSa said...

well, i think thats another kind of hypocarcy we live in our society
plus in my opnion , most men cant help the happiness that the world got rid of a female leader who showed them that they worth nothing, :)

Anonymous said...

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