Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm not buying books from Shorouk any more

I went to Shorouk book-store few days. I was having a cup of coffee with me, but no one said anything about it. Then I put it in the cornet beside me, and made sure it's out of reach of people's kicks in order to free my hands to have a look at the books on the shelves. After I finished, I turned around to find out they just decided to throw the cup in the trash without even asking me.

I told the above story to many people, and almost all of them believed it was my fault. And how could the shop keepers know it's mine in order to ask me before throwing it away? Yet, I am still not convinced, not because of the cup incident itself, but because of the reaction of the shop keepers afterwards, who refused to apologize or say anything reasonable but blaming and yelling at me! And it ended up with them calling the security forces for me, and I found myself too curious to see how will those security forces react towards something silly like this, so I waited for them to come. And in fact, the security guys were even more confused than myself, and they kept shaking hands with both of us, and asking us to calm down!

I am not sure if you will agree with me or not. And I will not tell you which branch was it, as my goal of writing this post is far from revenge, but my be just digressions. However, I am not really a reasonable person most of the time, and I think I made my mind now, I'm not buying books from Shorouk book-stores any more. God bless Virgin Megastore, Diwan, Kotob-Khan, Alef bookstores and even e-Books.

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