Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Free Tarek Shalaby

I wasn't really convinced about the sit-in people wanted to have in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, but my friend Tarek Shalaby as well as many others were in favour of it.

Free Tarek Shalaby

I've met Shalaby many times, and I guess I can tell that he has great passion in supporting the causes he believes in, and you can see this in the fact that he was one of the first people who made tents and slept in Tahrir Square during and after the Egyptian revolution. But on the other hand, he is not one of those who might break the law nor destroy any public properties. So I am sure he was peacefully demonstrating in front of the embassy that day when he was arrested as well as others.

This makes me really wonder, on what bases was he arrested? Even more, I want to know on what bases are priorities of arresting people made? I haven't seen all those who burnt churches or looted shops being arrested, while now a peaceful protester and one of those who participated in the Egyptian revolution since its very beginning being arrested! Did you know that Shalaby risked his life in order to carry food and medication to the Libyan revolts a short while after Mubarak stepped down!? Isn't it ironic that he came safely from the country ruled by the lunatic bloody Gaddafy, and now he is arrested by the Egyptian officials!? You do the maths ba2a.

One final note:
I know many people who went to revolt in January 28 for different reasons, but the main reason that made me participate that day was the murder of Khaled Said by the hands of the police. I did not know anything about Khaled Said as a person, but I feared the unjust of the police, and feared the possibility of me or any of my beloved ones being murdered someday without a trial or anything. And Kaled Said was not the only case I've seen in the past few years, there were lots of them. And that fear is what made me resist the other fear of participating. And I am afraid that a similar fear of an unjust be created soon and force many people like me to have another revolution, may be next week, may be next month, or may be next decade. I just don't know.

Free Tarek Shalaby!


Gabriela said...

Any news about how is he doing?

Tarek said...

Nothing yet, we are still waiting :(