Friday, September 12, 2008

Muslim Massacre

Today's gaming consoles such as Playstation, Wii and XBox along with skilled game developers make use of the latest trends in computer graphics to come out with eye-candy and fun to play games. But wait a moment, what about those developers who are only skilled enough to create lame games with poor graphics that gives you the feeling of a twenty years old obscure game.

In fact, these guys only have two choices. They can shoot themselves dead, or give their tasteless games a controversial name such as "Muslim Massacre", and a mission to kill as many Muslims as you can including Allah Almighty. And instead of creating a respected piece of code, they can create a controversial piece of sh*t that is capable enough of attracting the media and like-minded gamers.

Here we go again, one more member of the chain reaction that started with those famous Danish Cartoons. But let me ask you, why do we really care!? Come on, how many one of you have ever heard about this computer game before!?

The issue here is not the game itself, it's that endless chain reaction that really scares me. The media, circumstances and fundamental Wahabis deeds started it a while ago, and they all succeeded in brainwashing peoples minds and created that evil Muslim stereotype in their minds. Then people like the Danish Cartoonists and this Computer Games Developer started to reproduce this stereotype and feed it back to the media and people around them. And frankly I can't tell how this endless loop will end. In fact some reasonable newspapers and TV channels in the west started to exert some efforts in order to stop all this, but it's now like an imp, once you get it out of its bottle, it's really hard to get it back there again.

Some people out there, even non Muslims, believe that there must be some regulations in the Internet, and even in this very case, some people are calling for the game to be banned and taken offline. But on contrary, I believe in the free Internet and the new Social User Generated Media. In fact, our only way to break those awful stereotypes is to make out voice heard. Many people here for example used to believe that Indians put on those ancient Maharaja clothes and use elephants for transportation and they also believed that people in central Africa live on trees in the forests and know nothing about modern technology, but now after today's communications evolution, it's only retarded people who still have such beliefs. I remember ten years ago that I met many ones from USA and Europe who used to believe that we live here in Egypt in tents and use camels for transportation. But I am sure that such image has gone now, and hope that the evil Muslims stereotype will vanish soon too.

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