Saturday, December 29, 2007

Luxor, Egypt: A French Priest is Needed

The Egyptians sometimes insist to react in a really funny way. There is some kind of rule here in Egypt that prevent men and women from staying in the same room in hotels unless they are married.

But as you all know, the Egyptian economy depends on tourism as a source of foreign currency, and many westerns now live with their girlfriends without marriage. So the rule was tweaked to prevent Egyptian men and women only from staying in the same room in hotels unless they are married, and allow foreigners to do so.

And now the Frenchy president, Sarkozy, decided to spend his vacation here in Egypt with his Italian girlfriend, Carla Bruni. And here we go, some Egyptian bloggers are arguing if we are supposed to prevent Sarko and his girlfriend from staying in the same room. They are considering the Egyptian people to be Horned if they allow them to stay in the same room. The funny thing here is that it is not only the Egyptian bloggers, but also the Parliament here [Link, Ar] is discussing the same issue.

I really want to know, why are they discussing this issue now and ignoring the thousands of unmarried couples who visit Egypt every year. And, is it the government's role to make sure people are married before fucking each other? Or shall we hire a priest for Sarko, and you sure know the famous Egyptian proverb:

"ya bakht men waffa'a raseen fel 7alal", ie. "God bless the one who helps a man and a women get married".

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Laura(southernxyl) said...

It was within my lifetime here in America that unmarried couples staying in the same hotel room was frowned upon. You still see letters to advice columnists from either parents or their grown children, about the children coming home for the holidays and wanting their livein boyfriend or girlfriend to come with them, and the parents not wanting them to share a bedroom. "You know we are living together." "Yes, but not under my roof."

I think it would be nice if Sarkozy, knowing y'all have that rule for yourselves, decided to be discreet and at least pretend to have separate rooms for himself and his amour.