Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Humanity on display in Neues Museum

The bust of Nefertiti
Today I was in Neues Museum in Berlin. They have got the iconic head of the Egyptian queen, Nefertiti. Let alone how they value the statue. Let alone how they put it in a separate hall by its own. Let alone all the valuable historic items in the museum. Today, I've seen something more valuable than all the historic monuments in there. Something that touched my heart. In a corner next to the statue of Nefertiti, there is another bronze copy of the statue with braille text underneath it. It is there for those blind ones who cannot see the original statue to go and touch it and see it with their fingers.

For me that statue is more valuable than all the original items in the museum. It just symbolises humanity.


Gabriela said...

Indeed, this is a very thoughtful item. I'm pretty sure not many museums in the world have considered impaired sight people as this one.

zenzana said...

great post, :-)