Friday, October 23, 2009

We All Love Graphics

We may agree or disagree with Mohamed Gaber's political views, but it's really hard not to agree that he is talented and like his Illustrations and Graphic Designs.

Mohamed Gaber - who's also known as Gaberism or Egyptian Leftist - started a project called G.A.S (Graphics Against the System), to agitate people against the capitalist systems every where on this planet. His work also attacks the Middle Eastern governaments and tyrants.

"G.A.S. or graphics against system is a project I started in working on it long time ago, exactly when I started to feel that I can do real designs that’s more powerful that million words, GAS goal is so simple making designs that have the beauty of the art & the power of swards in order to agitate the people against the capitalist systems every where on this planet.
I ask all the graphic designers (in Egypt as a start) to make more effort in making some awareness graphic designs that have the conditions of high quality & artistic content
", via Gaberism.

I know that today is Octobers 23rd, so obviosly it's not a "Ghayyar El Mahatta" day, but you know what, I believe "Ghayar El Mahatta" initiative is dead now, so I'll not stick to specific publishing dates, and I think Gaber's Eye-Candy designs worth being mentioned regardless of todays date.

You can see Gaber's art work here, and here


domains yahoo said...
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Guebara said...

heeey bro this is the most amazing this happened to me this year really
i donno what to tell but really wish to deserve all there words and very happy that u like my designs
thank you million times bro :)

Tarek said...

Come on Mohamed, your designs are really great and deserves much more than a post or two.