Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Egyptian Budget ins and outs

Amr Sobhy and I created a new application to make the Egyptian budget available to everyone in a machine readable, visual and easy to understand manner.


As explained by Quartz:

Mwazna (budget in Arabic) the brainchild of a data scientist, Tarek Amr, and a web developer and hacker, Amr Sobhy, aims to inform Egyptians on how their money is being spent through an easy to use Arabic and English site.

Huffington Post also wrote about it:

Last week saw the launch of a website which has the potential to be far more explosive that any of the bombs which are regularly detonated in Cairo and Alexandria. Mwazna is the Arabic for "state budget" and it's the name of a new platform which lets citizens to monitor the income and spending of the Egyptian government.

Here is a link to, which is also available in Arabic.