Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Great Wall of Egypt

It's getting more and more fishy everyday, the Newspapers are attacking what they call "The Dark World of the Internet", you may read Al-Ahram Newspaper's article here [Ar]. They are blaming the Egyptian people because they use the internet to ... ehm ... spread rumours, call for strikes, and post videos that may harm the Egyptian National Security!

You know what, I am getting more and more confident now, that the Governments next move will be filtering the Internet. I already had similar suspicions a long while ago, but now I am really afraid that they may start filtering the Internet here in Egypt very soon, they may block sites such as Facebook, because what's said that the April 6th General Strike was organized there. They may also block YouTube, and who knows what will they block next.

Seems that the Great Firewall of China is on its way to Egypt.


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

may be twitter :D
but if they did.. we still got watwat.. and if they blocked watwat we might have jaiku :D
and if they blocked facebook.. w ehave blogs.. and if they blocked blogs.. we have mm... private spaces :D

well.. it may be better if they blocked the internet and confess that their last call to have a computer / house is their worst decision! spreading knowledge is a big mistake :D

^ H@fSS@^ said...

i dont think they will really do it, not coz they r good or any thing, but its kind of impossible somehow. what they can do is viewing everything being published and not show it directly. here for example, if i post sth on my blog, it does not show right away like before, it takes its own time, to get filtered and viewed, etc etc and if am lucky enough, then its published. its getting better now, the time used to be near to one working day, now i can see the post after few hours. :)
now the lame exxplanation al ahram added, is just another sign how demented they are.

Mohamed Shedou محمد شدو said...

I have the same concerns and worries. I even thought they might actually block internet alltogether, if they are desperate. it sounds very unlikely in today's world, but looking at what has been going on is not promising. Now with the 4th of may new strike, i bet they are worried and they don't know what to expect. they will try to control it as much as they can, but if something stronger happens on the 4th of may, they can just do it. it will be like putting all egyptians into un information prison!

Zeinobia said...

Just like blue , said if they block facebook ,there is hi5 , if they block twitter , we got watwat , if they block blogger, we got wordpress and so on

مراقب مصري said...

There is no way to go for filtering
Internet is an implacable adversary

Who did say that we are living in the era of information REVOLUTION?